Mattinata is one of the most typical towns in Gargano National Park, well known for its history, the beauty of its landscape and the its spiritual vibes.

The coastline features high white notched cliffs which hide inlets, breathtaking  shores  , such as Baia dei Mergoli and Vignanotica, evocative caves such as Grotta Campana, and  marvellous  sights  only reachable by boat. You could rent a dinghy  at the marina or join a trip we would  arrange for you.

As for  exploring the wild Gargano, the inner impervious part of our  promontory , it is possible to choose amongst several  destinations, walking or biking  tours,  the pathos of Umbra forest,  the striking grazings  or  photo safari in search of spontaneous orchids. We can propose and  arrange tours with trusted and expert guides.

Mattinata is also a perfect starting point to one – day trips, from  Monte Sant’Angelo, Pulsano Hermitages, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte Sacro Abbey  to  the famous Valle d’Itria, at only two hours drive from the town.



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